Avvo BadgesThe absolutely best compliments are the ones I overhear. I do love it when my clients tell me I did a great job, and it is especially great when a new client says they found me because another client told them I was great!

Recently several new clients have been finding me through the Internet. I want to update the testimonials on my website to make it easier for searchers to decide if I am the right attorney to help them with Estate Planning and Elder Law. This is where I need you. On October 18th we are filming a short video about my services. I am looking for clients to be filmed in it. If you always wanted to have “your 15 seconds of fame”, here’s your chance! If you have no such ambitions, but just want to help me, that would be good too. Please call Tammy to let us know if you are available. This should be fun.

And that’s not all! Several new clients have found me through an attorney ranking service called Avvo. I would appreciate it if you could go to Avvo and give me a positive review. Just click on the link.

Please know that I always value your referrals, and I will appreciate your response to these two opportunities to spread the word.

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