As Americans live longer and the elderly population continues to grow, the area of practice known as Elder Law has become ever more important when dealing with the issues that affect the growing aging population. Leigh Hilton can help you keep more of your lifetime savings, protect the family home or farm, and make sure every worst-case scenario is accounted for in your planning or taking care of your loved ones. Leigh’s Elder Law practice includes helping people with the following:

Medicaid Planning

Protect your assets in the event you or your spouse ever need to go into a nursing home.
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Miller Trusts / Qualified Income Trusts

These trusts are an essential part of Medicaid planning, as they lay the groundwork for future Medicaid applications if needed. These trusts can hold the amount of income that would prohibit eligibility for Medicaid benefits without Medicaid penalties.
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Veteran’s Benefits Planning

Sadly, many veterans are not aware of their rightful benefits, and when they learn about them, it’s too late to act on them. By planning ahead of time, you or your loved ones will be prepared to claim your earned benefits when you need them.
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End of life planning, including powers of attorney, physicians’ and medical directives

These are the vital estate planning documents that everyone should have, no matter how many or how little assets you have.
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Supplemental/Special Needs Trusts

These trusts can protect assets for beneficiaries with a disability or if a beneficiary needs to go into a nursing home.
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