Tractor CollectionJames’ uncle Fred passed away last year. He collected old tractors. Fortunately, James and his dad knew somebody reputable to find out the value of the tractors before selling them. Fred really enjoyed going to tractor shows and looking at tractors. It was good to make sure that he hadn’t purchased some really valuable tractors over the years. It would have been better if we had found out he collected some that were very valuable.

It made me think of the different things that people collect. If you collect something valuable, leave a note to your family of what the items are worth. It’s also a good idea to give them a name of whom to contact to sell the items. Also, it helps to have the history behind the item.

I enjoy watching American Pickers. It is amazing to see some of the  things that look like junk to me they say are valuable. So if you have something that is valuable that your family may not realize the value of, be sure and let them know. I found one helpful website, Looking at it I don’t think my thimble collection will go for much, but I have some really good memories of places we went to collect those thimbles. When I am gone, the boys will probably argue over who has to take my collection.

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