Those of you who know me well know that I love to travel. I also love talking about traveling — whether it is somewhere domestic or an overseas adventure. Naturally, one of the first questions I’ll ask anyone is, “What trips have you taken?” And that’s quickly followed by, “What trips are you planning on taking?” I want ALL the details!

From when we visited Lake Medina

During this time where we are unable to travel, I have been watching lots of travel shows, from aerial America tours of each of the 50 states to shows about buying islands, lake houses, and beach houses. I’m hooked. And as I watch, I can’t help but think about my previous adventures and those other people have told me about.

Some of my favorite family memories are the fun things that happened while traveling. When I was younger, my Aunt Carol took me on a lot of wonderful trips. She passed away five years ago, but I will always cherish the memories of traveling and going to art exhibits with her. I was reminiscing recently because we almost always got lost on our trips, but Aunt Carol always made light of it and would laugh about it. One of our longest detours was when we were in Switzerland. We tried to find the aerial tram to get down the mountain, but by the time we realized we had missed it, we had walked about 30 minutes down a pretty steep mountain. We both decided that it would be too strenuous to go back up, so we walked another 3 ½ hours to get to the bottom of the mountain. It would probably have been much easier to walk back up, but we would have missed the beautiful waterfalls and the visiting we did on the way down.

Beyond the many adventures with my Aunt Carol, I have also thoroughly enjoyed the trips we have been able to take with the boys over the years. My favorite parts are where I end up laughing so hard that I can’t even breathe. I hope that when I am gone, they will look back fondly on the time we spent laughing on those trips.

I would love to hear about your favorite travel destinations.

I also forward to when we can travel again.


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