In our world, “estate” refers to everything you own – home, cars, boats, furniture, bank accounts, jewelry, life insurance, etc. True estate planning goes beyond possessions and assets, though, and plans for a variety of important factors that right now may seem like they are too far in the future. This includes:

Determining which loved ones are good at handling money and other responsibilities
Detailed instructions for your care should you become disabled before you die
Choosing appropriate guardians or additional care for minors and loved ones with special needs
How many companies you own will be sold or transferred and proceeds dispersed
How to minimize taxes and unnecessary fees
Contingency plans for planned changes as well as unexpected changes

Having a carefully crafted plan in place before you die that goes beyond a “who gets what” set of instructions is a conversation you should have sooner rather than later. Having total control over how that process plays out is invaluable. Estate planning puts your affairs in order, so you have peace of mind knowing your loved ones can carry out your wishes once you are gone.

At Leigh Hilton PLLC in Denton, TX, we help individuals and families understand the importance of estate planning and create a unique plan to pass their wealth, wisdom, and values to loved ones in the most efficient way possible.

If you are still on the fence about talking to a local attorney about your will, trust, and other estate planning needs, we urge you to read our online reviews and call us today. These are real people who, just like you, have very unique needs and concerns that should be addressed sooner rather than later. At the end of the day, we are here to help you protect the two most important things in your life: everyone you love and everything you own.

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When it comes to estate planning and your unique needs, it is important to be prepared for as many situations as possible. Call Leigh Hilton PLLC in Denton, TX. We have ample experience and will take into consideration your particular situation. Proper planning of an estate, whether through a Will, Trust, or ancillary estate planning documents, helps ensure your wishes are carried out.

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