Pet Estate Planning

How to Make Sure Your Most Loyal Family Member Is Taken Care of

Legally, pets are considered property. But, we know them as treasured family members who contribute companionship and love their entire life. You owe it to them to ensure the best possible future in the event of your absence.

Make sure your beloved pets have the following steps in place in case of incapacity or after death:

  • Written Action Plan What information and documents are needed?
  • Protect & Motivate Incentive for better care, safety measures to avoid neglect.
  • Incapacity (What if you are out of it? Living Trust instructions for pet care.)
  • Who’s in Charge? (What if you don’t have someone you trust?)
  • Animal Care Organizations (Short Term Care, Foster Care, Long-term Care, Perpetual Care – Options and cost differentials.)
  • How Much? (How to calculate funds necessary for long-term, perpetual care.)
  • Do you have it Covered? (An evaluation checklist leaves nothing to chance.)
  • Is the Timing Right? (Avoid delay from probate, what about changes?)
  • Standing Up for Trigger (What about disgruntled heirs?)
  • Identity Fraud (Steps to ensure caretakers don’t pass off Mr. Ed as Trigger.)
  • Is It Good Enough? (Make sure Trigger’s standard of living is adequate.)

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