Currently, mine is the Caverns of Sonora. The reason why I say “currently” is because Brad and Matthew have pointed out that every time we leave a cave or cavern, I say that one is my favorite. I think that is because I enjoy looking for things that are different and unique in each cave we go through. James and I both enjoy touring caves and try to see any that are near our vacation spots. We are trying to pass on the love of exploring to the boys.

In the Cavern, there was an amazing formation that looked just like a butterfly. Another type of formation that is unique to this cave was the fish tails. There were also some very realistic looking Christmas Trees. At the bottom of this post, I have posted several pictures.

We also climbed Enchanted Rock.  We walked a half mile and climbed 425 feet. Looking at it, I thought there was no way I would make it to the top. From the bottom, the people on top look very small. The view from the top was incredible and was worth the climb. Now that we are home, I try to pretend that I am climbing the rock to keep me motivated while riding the stationary bike. Maybe one day those type of climbs will be easy for me.

We also toured the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg. The boys enjoyed looking at the guns, ships, and planes. Since Fredericksburg was the home of Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, the museum includes the Nimitz Steamboat Hotel, which has been restored to its 1890 configuration. The museum also houses the George H. W. Bush Gallery and the Pacific Combat Zone, where they hold war reenactments.

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