If Mary tries to tell you that she’s boring or uninteresting, don’t believe her for a single second. A quick glimpse into her past reveals plenty of fun stories and fascinating factoids.

For example, many of our clients would be excited to learn that Mary and her family are originally from Germany. She and her sister, Margaret, lived overseas until around the age of 4 before moving all the way to San Antonio. And speaking of siblings, Mary and Margaret happen to be identical twins.

Cue the fun twin stories…

“One time, I went to one of Margaret’s college classes for her, and no one could tell the difference between us. No one had a clue it was me,” Mary said. “For me, it was like I stepped into the Twilight Zone because I don’t see myself looking that way. My mom used to take pictures of us and write our names at the bottom. I found one, and I couldn’t tell if it was Margaret or me. I thought, ‘Oh my, I don’t even know myself!’”

One thing is for sure; Mary wouldn’t trade places with her sister when it comes to working at Leigh Hilton PLLC. Mary joined us in October after moving from San Antonio to Ponder roughly two years ago and is the versatile front office professional everyone needs on their team. She comes to us after spending time working for another estate planning firm in Southlake. Before that, she worked for the construction machinery and equipment company, Caterpillar, Inc.

Since joining our firm, Mary feels like she is finally where she belongs.

“Working here is great,” Mary said. “Everyone is so nice and easy-going, and they all pitch in to help. Even the attorneys; they don’t hesitate to stop in their busy schedules to help or answer questions. It is nice having such a huge support system around you every day.”

When she’s not working, Mary can be found working out in her yard on their property in Ponder. She and husband, Jerry, moved to Denton County because of his job and absolutely love their new home. Together, they have three children in Josh, Jerry, and Katey. Josh and Jerry are all grown up and are a few years removed from college. Katey is 15.

“I have always believed that you need a reason to get up each morning, and I like that reason being that you love doing what you do [for a living],” Mary said. “I like the idea of doing something that people really need. We aren’t selling to people or anything like that. We’re just trying to help people. Whatever they need me to do here, I’m willing to do.”

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