In this get-to-know-you series, we’re asking each of our fantastic team members to tell us a little about themselves. Plus, we know it always helps to put a face (and a personality) with a name! They’re stellar people. We know you’ll agree!

Brittany FelarcaHi! I’m Administrative Assistant Brittany Felarca. I’m still pretty new around here, but I’m so glad to be here. I love my coworkers and the positive environment I get to work in every day—everyone gets along so well.

I was born and raised in Dallas, where I received my Associate’s Degree in Science from Mountain View College. My dad and brothers still live in Dallas. One of my brothers is actually my twin. We’re fraternal, so it’s made life a bit unique because most people expect me to have a twin sister. We do have some common thoughts, but nothing “psychic.” The only downside to being a twin is that people say he looks like me as a boy, and vice versa. (I would like to be prettier than my brother!)

When I’m not working, I enjoy crafting—knitting, crocheting or anything along those lines. I like gardening and baking too (I’ve always wanted to own my own bakery). And when I’m just relaxing, I have a soft spot for reality TV and home renovation shows.

There isn’t one specific person who inspires me, but there is a type: I’m inspired by the people who can get back up and keep moving. And who still have a positive attitude when life isn’t kind. That mindset makes me want to do the same.

Two of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned are: Always have several-months savings to fall back on and remember to take time to check on yourself mentally and emotionally. The first lesson saved me about six months ago (thankfully!), and the second is something I’ll always carry with me.

One of the major challenges I’ve had to overcome thus far was losing my mom. She passed suddenly in 2016 after a 2-month fight with cancer. My mom was a very free-spirited and young-at-heart person. As I got older, there was this wonderful shift from her being my mom to being my best friend. I’m still coming to terms with losing her, but a close support system helps.

When my mom died, I was actually in school to be a nurse, but it was too difficult to handle my studies at the time. Since my grandmother was a nurse, I spent my most of my high school years volunteering at hospitals and clinics. Nursing is still the dream—one day.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know Brittany! We’ll have a new article next month from another one of our spectacular team members. We can’t wait for you to meet everyone. Until then!

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