In this get-to-know-you series, we’re asking each of our fantastic team members to tell us a little about who they are and why they love serving you—our clients. Plus, we know it always helps to put a face (and a personality) with a name! They’re stellar people. We know you’ll agree!

Hi! I’m Beth Vaughn, and I’ve been a receptionist at Leigh Hilton for nearly six years. My favorite thing about working here is getting to help new and returning clients, year after year. The time has flown by, and I still love it each and every day!

I was born in Denton, and raised in the country about six miles east of town. I have two surviving siblings, a brother and a sister. And I consider my long-haired orange cat, Sunny, to be part of the family. He has such a sunny disposition—hence the name. I’m also a graduate of the University of North Texas, where I earned degrees in History and Sociology.

When I’m not working, I enjoy interacting with friends on Facebook, reading, watching movies and documentaries, and getting together with loved ones. Some of my biggest interests are Reformed Christianity and all things Apollo. (I just saw Apollo 11 and highly recommend it!)

If money and time weren’t an issue, I’d travel more often and attend seminars and conferences. There are tons of people and places I’d also love to visit. But my favorite place is definitely home.

Aside from travel, I love to read. My favorite author is Georgette Heyer. She wrote historical fiction similar to Jane Austen, but Heyer lived in the 20th century. She’s best known for her Regency romances but she also wrote historical fiction, mysteries, and a handful of novels about real historical figures. I love them for their humor and rich characterization.

If I could go back in time and meet any historical figures, I’d want to meet Jesus, the Apostle Paul, and Martin Luther. Why? Jesus because he is fully God and fully man and made atonement for our sins. The Apostle Paul because he brought Christianity to the Gentiles. And Martin Luther because he kicked off the Protestant Reformation.

When it comes to modern-day influencers in my life, lots of people inspire me, but my mother really stands out. She was the most accepting person I have ever known. She had a very strong sense of right and wrong without being judgmental. She didn’t have much in the way of formal education, but she was very wise.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know Beth! We’ll have a new article next month from another one of our spectacular team members. We can’t wait for you to meet everyone. Until then!

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