Expired Warranty

James wants to come up with a more interesting story as to why I have a bandage on my nose. He was thinking we could tell people we decided to take up kickboxing and it didn’t work out well for me. I had asked you a few months ago for a more interesting story to explain my wrist injury. I am starting to wonder if my warranty has expired. You know how things tend to break right after their warranty expires.

Okay, the real story is last week I had a skin cancer removed from my nose. I am really glad that James realized I needed to have it looked at by a dermatologist. I am not sure I would have ever realized that it was skin cancer. I knew if I had a mole that changed shapes that I needed to have it looked at, but did not realize that a small thing on my nose that looked like a pimple could be skin cancer.  It was there for over 6 months and bled any time I washed my face. If you have something like this, get it checked out.  The dermatologist said anything that doesn’t heal should be looked at.

I thought it was going to be a very minor procedure with very little pain, so I had planned to work the next day. I am glad that I didn’t realize how involved it would be ahead of time, because I would have worried a lot more. A couple of people that I told that it didn’t seem to be this painful when other people had skin cancer removed, wisely said that is because it was their pain and not yours.

I think this is similar to probate in Texas. I hear people talking all the time about how simple it is. One of the things I have realized watching the surviving spouse have to testify as to when their spouse died, how old they were and what they owned is that it is not simple and easy for the one going through it. I know if something happened to James I would not want to go through a court proceeding and testify regarding his death.

The decision of what to do after the skin cancer was removed reminded me of a decision my clients make when choosing an estate plan. There was a quick and less painful choice that would have left me with a major scar on my face. It was the least expensive option and seemed the easiest one for the moment, but long-term it would not have been the right decision. I choose the more expensive option, so that long-term I could have my face look close to how it looked before the procedure.

Fortunately, the doctor got it all removed, but it was very painful. Afterwards I had two black eyes that were almost swollen shut. I did have to take a day off of work to recover. It is healing nicely and hopefully, this is my last injury for a while.  I definitely don’t have a very high pain tolerance. I also get frustrated when I am not able to work.  I am not going to sign up for any cosmetic surgery. I cannot imagine doing this voluntarily.

I have been teasing David Honnell, who sells Aflac that this is all his fault. I purchased a cancer policy from him a while back. When I purchased the coverage, I told him I knew it wasn’t logical but it made me nervous to purchase insurance for something that would be my worst nightmare. I know that is what insurance is for. I am glad I have the insurance and the check from Aflac will help with the cost of surgery. I think it is similar to people’s fears that having a will or estate plan in place will increase the odds of dying. Odds are 100% with or without an estate plan.

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