This month was the sixth month anniversary of the new office.  We had a wonderful celebration dinner at El Guapo’s.  Thanks to everyone who joined Tammy and me to celebrate. Life could not be better.

On July 9th, James and I celebrated our my 22nd wedding anniversary. I talk a lot of times in this newsletter about time going fast.  It is hard to believe it has been 22 years, but when I try to think about life before James and I met, it is very blurry.  We were both 19 years old when we met while working at First State Bank on the square (before it became Wells Fargo).  Oops, now you can figure out my age.  Actually, I am very happy to be 43.  I wouldn’t go backwards if I could.  I am enjoying life and being a wife, mother of 2 wonderful boys and an estate planning and elder law attorney.  What else could I want in life?

It was fun hearing from you all the exciting places you are going for vacation.  I love traveling and seeing new places.  It is a great way to create memories.

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