Cat PillsI have been giving the cat an antibiotic twice a day for the last 10 days. She is not happy with me shoving a pill down her throat twice a day and holding her mouth shut until the swallows. I have scratches all over my arms from the cat fights we have been having. The second day she brought me a dead bird. She always places it so if I step into the garage without looking I will step on it. I wasn’t sure if she was rewarding me for being a good owner or punishing me for the pills. The third day she brought me a severely mangled bird. There must have been quite the struggle, because there were feathers all over the garage. James said it was probably a threat that if I continued the pills, I was in trouble. Then, she gave me a few days off and later brought me a lizard. At first glance I thought it was a snake. I am so glad I looked before stepping on it. I always look, because one time she brought me a small poisonous snake that wasn’t quite dead. I think it is neither a reward nor a punishment but just spring. She always brings me a variety of presents that she captures in the yard in the spring. Oh, the joys of cat ownership.

I just got back from a conference on planning for families with members who have special needs. I look forward to helping more families. Also, the Trusts I design always have a standby Supplemental Needs Trust just in case someone in the family who does not have special needs at the time of planning later develops them. It is part of planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

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