Before you leave on your next trip, do you have everything in order? Trips are fun, (you know how I love to travel!), but I also know that it is important to be prepared for the unexpected. Besides the usual packing list, and arrangements for your home, and perhaps pets to be cared for, there is another checklist to consider.

  1. Is your estate plan up to date?
  2. Do you have a Directive to Physicians specifying how you wish to be treated in an emergency? Is it easily accessible?
  3. Have you signed documents indicating which of your family or friends may be contacted and have access to specific kinds of your medical information?
  4. Does one or more person have access to your car and medical insurance policies?
  5. Do you have someone legally designated to act in your stead if you are unable to make decisions or act on your own behalf?
  6. Are there any messages you wish to communicate family or friends if you do not see them again?

Of course, these are sobering thoughts, and it may take some effort to make sure these things are in place. When that’s done, be sure to enjoy every moment of your adventure. Take lots of pictures, and plan to have a splendid reunion with your loved ones when you arrive home.

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