NewlyLicenseTeenDriver12Brad turns 15 this month. About a month ago, he asked me if we could go get his learner’s permit on his birthday. I thought we had another year before we had to worry about driving. So over the last month, I have been getting accustomed to the idea. I think it will be similar to him going to middle school and high school. Before both of those milestones, I looked at him and thought there is no way that he is old enough or mature enough to be ready. When the time came for him to go to middle school and high school, he seemed mature enough. I think it is more a matter of me getting my mind ready for the change. I also realized he only has 3 years left before he turns 18. I know I keep saying this, but time has gone really fast. I am still trying to treasure every moment.

As far as the driving lessons, I think he is going to be better off driving with his father than me. I can remember when I was learning how to drive and my mother would tell me a block ahead, “now be careful there is a stop sign at the next corner.” My step-father was a lot more laid back and easier to drive with. I think I am going to be too much like my mother when it comes to driving lessons. It is hard for me not to be in control, especially when it comes to a car. I know Brad will do great. He has been driving four wheelers for years.

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