Not Misty
Not Misty

Our family took a four-day weekend a while back. We went to my in-laws land near Cisco and rode four wheelers. Before we left, we bathed Misty, our cat. I was tempted to share a picture of her all wet, but to preserve her dignity I will refrain. We are all a little allergic to Misty and bathing her on a regular basis cuts down on the cat dander. We have bathed her since she was a kitten. She doesn’t like it, but she puts up with it. After we get done, I blow dry her hair. Otherwise, I am not sure if she would ever dry off. Once she is dry, she usually sits for a long time cleaning herself. We always imagine she is saying, “I will never get all of this shampoo out of my hair.” or “I wish my mom would bathe me the way other cat moms do.”

I will be leading a pet trust seminar in June where I will talk more about making sure that your pets are taken care of in the manner to which they have been accustomed. Misty will appreciate it if I leave bathing off her list of instructions.

With the cat-bathing chore done, we were ready to get on with our mini vacation. I hadn’t ridden in a while because it hurts my back to ride, but if I go to the chiropractor when we first get back I am fine. It is definitely worth it to me. I had forgotten how relaxing it is and how much fun we all have riding. James and my father-in-law have created a long trail that is really fun to ride. We went on rides early in the morning and it was fun to look for bunnies along the way and listen to the birds. Matthew has a new dirt bike that he was enjoying and we would follow each other around. I always enjoy getting to spend time with my family.

In July, I will be leading a “Top 12 Estate Planning Mistakes” seminar with an emphasis on making sure your family will be taken care of in the event that something happens to you.

Tammy is working on a seminar calendar and you will be receiving invitations soon for the upcoming events.

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