Tracy WilliamsTracy will be the first to admit that she got several questioning looks from her daughters, Carol and Kaci, when she decided it was time to end her short-lived retirement and get back into the workforce.

“They said, ‘Mom, you’re supposed to stay retired,’” Tracy said with a laugh. “I just couldn’t. I need to stay busy.”

Lucky for us, Tracy eventually found our law firm. And we couldn’t be happier having her as one of the newest members of our growing team. A long-time Denton native, Tracy retired last June after a 30-year career in the Denton Independent School District, where she spent 11 years as a secretary and the final 19 as a dispatcher in the transportation department. Her experience, which includes helping build the district’s field trip program from the ground up and also running their facility off of Highway 380, transfers over nicely to her new role as assistant manager.

Tracy said making the leap to estate planning and elder law is just the challenge she was looking for.

“I’m used to having a radio in one hand, a phone in the other, a cell phone close by, and having to do all of that while talking to someone at the counter,” she said of her previous career. “I looked at this job, and it was something that sounded interesting and was just outside of my wheelhouse. I wanted to challenge myself, and I’m getting that here. The culture is fantastic, and when I came to my interview, I felt so comfortable. I’ve been looking for that.”

Tracy joined us in May, and if we have it our way, she won’t be going back into retirement anytime soon. When she’s not working, she loves spending time with her husband, Tommy, her daughters, and her four beautiful grandchildren, Jocelyn, Coe, Wesley, and Lyncoln. Sweet baby Lyncoln was just born in April. Tracy and Tommy have lived in Aubrey since 2012.

“As I said, I need to stay busy; I’m always doing something,” Tracy said. “I had tried a few other jobs before I came here, but they never really worked out. This place is different. I’m still learning everything I can here and as quickly as I can. But we also work great as a team, and I love that.”

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