Erika NewsomeThere is so much about growing up in California that Erika will always miss—the perfect weather, beautiful beaches, and scenic mountains that seem never-ending are just a few highlights that immediately spring to mind.

So why on earth did she want to get to Texas as fast as she could?

“You can’t match any of that stuff. It’s all so beautiful. But what people don’t know is that you’re spending most of your day in traffic. You also pay high taxes on everything, and the gas prices are too high,” Erika said with a laugh. “Everything is expensive, expensive, and expensive. I just really wanted a change from the California lifestyle.”

She added, “I wanted to venture out, and I can’t imagine going back.”

Erika happily moved to Texas in 2016 and settled down in the Northlake area. She’s only been a legal assistant with Leigh Hilton PLLC in Denton since the week before Christmas and is already fitting right in with the team. Erika received her paralegal certification last year from the Center for Advanced Legal Studies in Houston. Before that, she earned a Criminal Justice degree from California Baptist University.

As a legal assistant, she makes sure all documents are ready to be signed by our loyal clients.

There were plenty of directions Erika could have gone in the legal world, but she feels she has found her calling.

“I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to go the legal route. I really enjoy estate planning. Trying to narrow down what I do each day isn’t easy; I do a lot. I just enjoy being a part of the team here. Everyone has been so helpful and welcoming.”

When she’s not working, Erika—who was born on New Year’s Eve, by the way, and claims to have been one of the easiest and fastest births ever—enjoys photography, traveling, and exploring whatever this world puts on her path.

“I wasn’t born here, but I got here as fast as I could,” she said. “I can’t wait to see what else is in store.”

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