We visited 5 state parks in West Texas for Spring Break.  The most beautiful one was Colorado Bend State Park.  The guide said it had primitive camping.  We didn’t realize the whole park would be primitive.  The entrance to the park was a cattle guard and a sign that said stay in your car this is private land.  Later there was a state park sign.  The park headquarters is at the end of a 10 mile dry, dusty dirt road surrounded by cactus and mesquite trees.  We drove to the state park and saw the state park welcome signs after the first mile.   The road got more and more rustic.   All the other state and national parks I have been to were much more developed than this one.  When we got to the end of the road, it dead ended on the banks of a beautiful river with cliffs.  It was as beautiful as Beavers Bend in Oklahoma and the Guadalupe State Park in Texas. 

Then we started down a mile and a half hike to a waterfall.  We were only going to go a third of the way for a little exercise, but I asked the first three groups of people we passed about the waterfall and they all said it was the most beautiful waterfall they had ever seen.  One of my favorite things to see is a waterfall, so I encouraged the whole family to continue on the hike.  I am usually one of the ones wanting to take lots of breaks on hikes, but I was motivated to see this beautiful waterfall.  The trail was through cactus and mesquite trees and prior to talking people along the way I was thinking this waterfall was going to be a little trickle or totally dry.  What a shock!  The waterfall was the most beautiful one I have ever seen and much more water than I expected.  It had calcite deposits that looked like features in a cave.  The ferns and moss made the waterfall like the ones in Hawaii at the Fern Grotto.

I have been exercising more and was so proud of myself for hiking the 3 miles, until I had a couple come into my office and tell me that they hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back during Spring Break.  I need to get in much better shape before I take that one on.  If they put a waterfall down there, I could motivate myself to hike it or maybe I can send James down with the camera.  See pictures at the bottom.  Click on them to see them larger.

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