James and I took a drive down to the hill country and were amazed at the variety of animals we saw along the way. The first animals we saw were a couple of Zebras, so I took a picture and texted it to the boys telling them we were having a great time in Africa. My son, Matthew, texted back mom you have a great imagination. I always enjoy exploring new places and seeing new things.

After that we passed, a ranch that had 20 camels that were a wide variety of colors. We also saw red deer, black buck, fallow deer, onyx, antelope, and several other types that we had never seen before. James was trying to remember what the names were from the different zoos and wildlife parks that we have been to over the years.

We were very glad to see that Lake Medina completely full. It is a beautiful lake that is clear and a very vivid blue color like the Caribbean. The limestone cliffs are beautiful. The last time we went there we were very sad to see it almost completely empty. It was at 4% of capacity. We had camped in the area when the boys were little and had really enjoyed renting a boat with a slide.

Here are a few pictures from the trip.

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