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We went to Branson for the week after Christmas. It was fun to celebrate Christmas one more week with shows. One of the most interesting ones was the Shanghai Circus. The acrobats are really amazing. We also visited two caves. I have a feeling when the boys grow up they are going to tell their children stories of how their mother made them visit every cave they drove past. I enjoy seeing the differences in each cave. The one under Silver Dollar City in Branson was a huge cavern that has a really interesting history. It is so large, several concerts were held in it. There were several beautiful formations.

When we got home, our cat wasn’t home for the first two days. Just when I was ready to go to the animal shelter to see if she was there, she showed back up. I think someone replaced our cat with a cat that looks exactly the same, but behaves totally different. I am pretty sure I have told you before that I wished my cat was more social. Before vacation, we were lucky if she let us pet her for 15 minutes. I think she thought our only function was keeping the food bowl filled. Now she wants to be with us all the time. She follows us around the house meowing and wanting to be petted constantly. When I cook, she is under my feet and will almost trip me. I guess she is trying to get me to drop food, but I am just hoping I won’t get hurt in the process. I was thinking she would go back to her usual self after we were home awhile, but we have been home a couple of weeks now. I wonder if it is the cat across the street’s fault. He meows constantly and is always rubbing up against people. Maybe spending a week with him messed her up. Maybe I should have been more specific in my wish. It’s like in the movies how the wish you make with a genie never works out.

This month’s article is on the most common estate planning mistake “believing estate planning is a one-time event.”

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