Isle du Bois Park
Isle du Bois Park

We try to live life in a way that if this is our last year with our family, we will leave behind lots of really wonderful memories. I know it sounds morbid, but we have no guarantee of tomorrow. It’s actually a great way to remember to treasure the time we have with loved ones today.

My thinking is most likely a result of talking to so many families who thought that there would always be more time. I talk to women all the time who say we were going to travel when he retired, but then one of us got sick or he passed away.

Hopefully, we have many more years ahead to make memories. I am really enjoying spending time together. The boys probably will not want to spend time with us when they became teenagers, so each year, we act as though this is our last to have fun as a family. So far we keep having one more year, and each year is better than the last.

This past weekend, I really enjoyed spending time with the family. We went to Isle Du Bois park at Lake Ray Roberts and walked the hiking trails, which are really beautiful. We saw several deer and a few armadillos. There were also several spots where the feral hogs had torn up the sides of the trail. It is always nice to take time to enjoy nature. We have such a treasure in this park, and it is so close to home to not take advantage of it.

We also spent an afternoon riding four wheelers out at my in-laws’ house. I enjoyed that excursion the most, because the boys really love it. When it is time for them to get their driver’s licenses, they will already have experience driving. I do have to visit the chiropractor after riding the four wheeler, but it is worth the expense for the memories.

As you probably have figured out already, we love to travel and see new places. I also enjoy hearing about places that other people have gone. What have been your favorite places to visit?

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