Feeding the llamasWe went to Arbuckle Wilderness this weekend and had a wonderful time. We almost had the park to ourselves, and the animals were very hungry and friendly. Our favorites were the llamas and camels. The llamas were running around and making noises. I have never seen them that active. I did have one of them yell at me and try to take the whole cup of food. It was kind of startling to hear him make such a loud noise. The camels were also very friendly. I don’t think I have ever fed a camel before. He was ready to come home with us. He chased the car for quite a ways.

We had so much fun as a family. Even the boys enjoyed it. We laughed and had a great time. I think part of it is we have fond memories of going there when the boys were little. We are trying to make as many memories as we can along the way.

We were talking about raising llamas and camels and how fun it would be. I think it is probably better to drive a couple of hours and visit them at Arbuckle.

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