Inheritance ProtectionIf you gave $100,000 to an 18-year-old, what are they going to do with it? When I ask this question at seminars, the answers I get have one thing in common: the 18-year-old is going to spend it. Even if you have a really responsible 18-year-old, they are still going to spend it on something irresponsible. If they buy a bigger house, they are not going to think through setting aside money to pay for higher property taxes, a new roof and other expenses associated with home ownership.

If you leave assets outright to your children, they could lose them to divorce, creditors and lawsuits. We can design a Heritage Trust that protects even the most responsible beneficiaries from losing what you leave them to creditors, lawsuits and divorce. These trusts can be designed to where the child is their own trustee, so he or she has access to the money but is still protected from the outside world.

One of the greatest advantages to a Heritage Trust is it keeps the money in the family. It makes sure the money goes to your grandchildren. Because if you leave money to your child, who decides who gets it next? Your child and most likely they are going to leave it to their spouse. Even if you have a wonderful daughter-in-law, if your son dies, she is likely to leave it to her new husband. You may end up unintentionally disinheriting your grandchildren.

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