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disability benefits planningGenerally speaking, the main sources of benefits for individuals with disabilities are Social Security Disability Benefits, Disabled Veterans Benefits, Medicare and Medicaid.  There are a number of specific programs that can be accessed once a person qualifies for one of these benefits.

There is no shortage of information published by the government, but applying for benefits and proving eligibility is still not easy. Only a small percentage of applicants are approved on their first attempt. The process can take months and many suffer financial stress and hardship before succeeding in getting the help they need. It is not certain that every individual will receive all the benefits for which they qualify, because they may be unaware of all that is available.

Despite those pessimistic beginnings, there are many Americans with disabilities who are receiving a great deal of help. Several important points to consider are:

  1. Enlist the help of a an experienced professional Estate Planner and a Disability Benefits Professional from the beginning.
  2. File as early as possible upon learning that the disability will be long term or permanent.
  3. Provide detailed documentation as requested on the application.

The Estate Planner can make sure all of the applicant’s estate issues are prepared to insure protection of any current or future assets are protected. The Disabilities Benefits professional will help identify all of the benefits that are appropriate for the situation and assist with the applications. This process should help prevent costly errors and omissions in documentation. That saves time, money and stress!

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