Many clients we speak with have heard about probate and how complex, emotional, and drawn-out the process can get. And to be honest, they are not wrong. Though it is a necessary process, we often compare it to a complex puzzle with a million pieces that must be expertly managed. If even one piece goes missing or is out of place, the experience becomes much more difficult.

For some estates, the Texas probate process can take 6-12 months if everything is in order. For others, it can take several years — which begs the question: What factors contribute to probate taking so long?

4 Reasons Why Probate Takes So Long

When a person dies in Texas with assets in their name, those assets are often subject to probate. This is a complex legal process where their will is validated, heirs are determined, assets are inventoried and appraised, debts are paid, and assets are ultimately distributed. And this all happens under a judge’s supervision.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to why probate takes so long. Here are a few:

1. Lots of beneficiaries — The goal of probate is to ensure that your loved one’s assets and treasures are distributed legally to the right beneficiaries. Therefore, the more beneficiaries there are for the estate, the more time it takes to get each beneficiary to sign and return the necessary documents so the probate process can move forward.  

2. Unusual assets — Estates with unusual assets such as rare collections or other assets that are difficult to place a value on will take longer to go through the probate process.

3. Executors — Many times, the probate process can get bogged down by the ineptness of the executor. An executor who is disorganized, procrastinates, or does not understand finances can significantly delay everything.

4. Contested wills — A valid will often dictates the probate process, but it also applies when a person dies without signing a valid will. If there is a will, there is still the chance that someone could contest it and drag the process out. Even if a will is not contested, beneficiaries who do not get along can delay the process. 

The good news is that your friends here at Leigh Hilton, PLLC, have helped many families like yours manage that process. An experienced, skilled, and compassionate attorney from our firm can help you speed the probate process along by providing the crucial guidance you need to avoid or overcome all of the obstacles described above. 

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