Upcoming Seminars: Who Gets Your Stuff When You Die?

No one wants to think about their own death, but we should plan for it, as it will happen one way or another.  There’s more to consider than funeral arrangements; you also have to sort out who will be taking care of your children, who will take care of your surviving spouse, who will receive all of your belongings, and who will be the one to distribute everything?  It’s overwhelming, and plenty can be easily overlooked.  Leigh Hilton is offering a free seminar regarding exactly that question: Who gets your stuff when you die?

She will cover how to choose who will get your stuff, how you can help them keep your stuff, what to plan for incapacitation and healthcare decisions, how to help your family find your stuff, and various protections across the board.  This is one seminar you will not want to miss!

If you want to come, please call us at (940) 387-8800 or select a date below to register and reserve your seat.


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