Trustee Manual Seminar


Will Your Successor Trustees Know What to Do When You are Gone?

If you’ve named your children, relatives, or friends as your successor trustees when you pass away (or are disabled), can you answer these questions for them:

  • What will be required of your trustees when they have to act?
  • What do the beneficiaries of your trust expect of them?
  • What should the trustees expect of the beneficiaries?
  • What does the IRS expect?

Furthermore, How Do Your Successor Trustees…

  • Resolve disputes?
  • Pay your debts and distribute your assets properly?
  • Access your funds?
  • Defend against contests?
  • Prove their authority as trustees?
  • Avoid claims of self-dealing and conflict of interest?
  • Deal with your creditors?
  • Receive compensation and reimbursement for expenses?
  • Know the value of your assets?
  • Set up proper accounting procedures?
  • Avoid the pitfalls and inadvertent mistakes that could lead to personal liability?

Find out all this and more at Leigh’s FREE Trustee Manual Seminar! She will also brief your Successor Trustees on how living trusts work and discuss her “Successor Trustee Handbook“!

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