In this get-to-know-you series, we’re asking each of our fantastic team members to tell us a little about themselves. Plus, we know it always helps to put a face (and a personality) with a name! They’re stellar people. We know you’ll agree!

Hi! I’m Administrative Assistant Bridgett Adderley-Louis. What I’ve enjoyed most during my first year at Leigh Hilton is getting to meet so many new people. I’m so grateful to get to come to work every day and serve with such great women! Their stories are so inspiring and they push me to strive for my best each and every day.

I’m not originally from Texas—I was born in Michigan and raised in Florida, however, my husband was offered a job here in 2014. So, we took a leap of faith and moved here with our two sweet kiddos, Prince and Treasure. I love living in Denton because it’s something fresh and new, and I’ve met some truly wonderful people.

When I’m not working, my husband and I serve as music ministers at Journey Fellowship Church. Besides my salvation and my family, music is my greatest passion. I’ve always really loved music and singing. In fact, I can remember my first-ever album by a gospel group called The Clark Sisters.

One of the most exciting challenges coming up for me this year is starting online classes at Dallas Theological Seminary in the fall. I can’t wait!

As a preacher’s kid, I grew up in the church and have always felt a deeper calling on my life. I’ve had great opportunities to minister through music and speaking engagements across the United States, but I always seem to meet some type of roadblock because I don’t have a seminary degree. That’s why I’ve decided to go back to school. Plus, my mom’s my biggest inspiration, and she went back to school after raising four kids!

I also realize life is short and precious. In 2003, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and given only six months to live. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever been through. But I survived (and now I’m thriving!) thanks to my faith in God and the prayers and support of my family.

After my diagnosis and treatment, I started a nonprofit organization called Christians Conquering Ovarian Cancer. We reach out to women of faith who are struggling with this disease. We offer prayer, counseling, and sometimes even financial support. Let me know if I can help you or someone you know who is currently dealing with ovarian cancer.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know Bridgett! We’ll have a new article next month from another one of our spectacular team members. We can’t wait for you to meet everyone. Until then!

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