Ivy joined our practice in January 2023 as our document clerk. Ivy is a native Dentonite.  She has the most unique and ancestrally-significant name among our growing team at Leigh Hilton PLLC.

Ivy was her great great grandmother’s name, and for reasons unknown, it always skips a generation in her family. It was then bestowed on her grandmother before being given to our Ivy.

“Incidentally, Elizabeth is my mother’s middle name, and that also skips a generation,” Ivy said. “I have been busy tracing my ancestry and genealogy because I also wanted to rediscover and connect with more of my dad’s side of the family. As it turns out, one of his cousins has lived here in town for decades — it is bizarre that we had never met before.”

Ivy is a pleasure to work with. As our document clerk, her job is to take all the signed documents we receive for our clients’ wills, trusts, etc., and scan them into our secure system so that there is always a digital copy. From there, she creates a custom client binder with the originals. Before joining our team, Ivy worked primarily in retail and the food service industry and drove a school bus for Denton ISD’s transportation department.

Ivy says she enjoys waking up and coming to work every day, and she cannot wait to see what the future has in store.  “Everything is working out great,” she said. “I love this job.”

In her free time, she enjoys playing pinball at the Free Play arcade in downtown Denton and watching movies. She’s also a massive animal lover. She doesn’t have a dog or cat of her own just yet, but she enjoys watching them for her friends.

Ivy Street

Ivy Street

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