I would love to have your feedback.  Louellen Coker of Content Solutions did an excellent job designing it.  There are links to our pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  If you are on any of those sites, please send me an invitation to connect.

Summer is coming up fast. Are you going anywhere interesting? We are headed to Yellowstone. James and I went before we had children and we are looking forward to sharing that wonderful park with the boys.

Also, I am thinking of having a seminar on Roth IRA conversions and want to know if you would be interested in the information.  I will discuss several factors that you should consider in deciding whether to do the conversion.  Also, I will discuss IRA Trusts at the seminar to help you protect your retirement accounts once they are inherited from divorce, creditors and lawsuits.  Email Tammy at tammy@dentoneldercareattorney.com to let her know you are interested.

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