Crossroads_Ranch__Retreat_2_sizedWe are staying in a small cabin in Cross Roads while our bathrooms are being remodeled. Since both of our bathrooms are connected to our bedrooms, we thought it would be easier to be out of the house for the week it takes to remodel them. Of course, the one week to remodel has become two weeks. I think that is to be expected with any remodeling project. Nancy Howell is doing an excellent job of helping us with this remodel. She was great with design and helping keep everything on track. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

We are enjoying being out in the country. I was washing dishes the other day and two horses ran by the window. It made me smile. I never understood why people wanted a window over the kitchen sink, but it makes sense in this cabin. I like looking out into the woods while I wash dishes. We have also enjoyed taking walks in the evening. It is peaceful out there and feels cooler because of the shade.

Being out in the country does take some getting used to. I am finally not startled when the crickets drop onto my feet while I am taking a shower. The first time it happened I thought it was a wasp. Now that I know it is just a cricket I don’t jump in fright. I came home late one night and had to walk from the car to the house in the dark. It is hard to do in heels without a flashlight.

Staying in the small cabin makes me grateful for our house. I miss having real doors between the rooms. At home when the boys stay up watching a movie, I cannot hear it in my bedroom. This cabin is similar to staying in a hotel room all together. One amusing thing, Brad is sleeping on an inflatable bed. It deflates during the night, so frequently when we get up in the morning he will be sleeping with his head on the deflated part and his feet in the air. It is a good thing that he is young and flexible. I would need to go to the chiropractor after sleeping like that. We are also getting used to only having one TV, so if someone is playing video games there is no TV to watch. With one TV and no computers, I have found time to read almost an entire book.

I am excited to see what they have done with the bathrooms. It will be wonderful to have a bathtub that the coating doesn’t flake off when I take a bath. When James first started talking about remodeling the bathrooms, I told him I thought everything was fine how it was. Then he asked me, if I could change anything about the bathrooms what would I change. I came up with a long list of things that would be nice if they were different. We have lived in our house for 16 years now and I didn’t realize how many things were not how we wanted them. Over time as things gradually broke, we compensated for them and put up with them. It is interesting what you can adjust to and incorporate into what is normal.

As things change in your life, you gradually compensate for them and may not realize that changes need to be made in your will or trust. That is why I like to meet with my clients every three years to make sure the documents are still current and will still take care of their families.

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