We’d like to introduce you to Jennifer Rojas, one of our new legal assistants! She was born and raised in Dallas, and has a professional background in real estate and architectural engineering.

She joined Leigh’s team in October 2018, and says her favorite thing about working here is her co-workers, who are always willing to lend a helping hand: “If I have a huge workload, I know I have the support of my colleagues, so I won’t feel the weight of it.”

We knew Jennifer would be a great fit for the team once we heard about her big family. She has two brothers and two sisters, so she knows all about family dynamics and how to find a solution that suits everyone!

We asked Jennifer to answer a few more (totally random) get-to-know-you questions for us:

What’s a hobby or interest you can’t get enough of?
I enjoy reading and writing Urban Fantasy (fantasy-fiction in an urban setting). I started writing a short story, but I’m nowhere near finished! It’s my way of expressing my feelings and experiences through writing.

Who’s your favorite author and why?
Clive Barker. He truly knows how to paint a world in the most unimaginable light. His word-building is clever, and I feel he’s underappreciated for the work he does.

What movie have you seen more than any other?
The Breakfast Club. I have always loved 80s movies. This one is a classic and who doesn’t love the iconic John Bender?

What’s your favorite kind of music?
I’m very passionate about music. I love going to concerts and festivals—especially Indie Rock.

Who inspires you the most?
My dad. He’s my best friend. I go to him when I need advice and I know he will help me no matter what. He taught me the value of family. I learned that family is the most important thing worth living for. That’s something I hold high in regard and keep close to my heart.

If I weren’t a legal assistant, I’d be ________.
In the Navy. I truly respect those who serve.

What’s your go-to fast food meal?
Wendy’s 4 for $4. It’s the best deal!

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