Last Will and TestamentHas it been 3 years since I prepared your will or trust?

If so, we need to meet. When I design an estate plan for my clients, I discuss the importance of reviewing the plan every 3 years. A lot can change in a few years. If I prepared the will or trust for you, I would love to sit down at no charge with you and your family to discuss what has changed since you prepared the will or trust.

Questions to consider are:

Does your estate plan include the proper language for HIPAA (“Privacy Laws”)?

Does your trust or will protect your beneficiaries against divorce, lawsuits and creditors?

Do we need to discuss protecting your assets in the event you need to go into a nursing home?

Who will take care of your children if you can’t?

If your will or trust was prepared when the children were young, are your children now grown?

If you have retirement accounts over $200,000, have you set up a Retirement Plan Trust or IRA Inheritance Trust to protect those accounts?

Have you purchased any assets that are not in the trust name?

Are all your assets in the trust name?

Did you purchase any life insurance or annuities? If so, are the beneficiaries properly designated?

Did you review or update your estate plan to account for the changes to the Texas and federal laws?

Have you updated your trust and Advance Health Care Directive to account for the  HIPAA medical information act (“Privacy Laws”)?

Have there been any changes in your family?

Do you want to change the people named as executor and trustee?

Do you want to change any of the beneficiaries or how they receive property?

Does your current plan protect your pets?

Does your bypass trust need to be amended to take advantage of new tax laws?

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