My name is Tammy Stark and I have had the pleasure of being Leigh’s legal assistant for 10 years. When I came to work with Leigh, we were part of a firm before going out on her own. We shared an office, and when you share an office you really get a chance to know each other. It is hard to believe that we went from sharing an office to her having 3 buildings, another attorney, and 5 more employees. What a growing experience it has been.

I have found that I like visiting and helping her clients, and I have learned so much from being here. I have two children, a son that is in Japan in the Air Force, and a daughter that lives in Florida with her husband and two beautiful children. I got married two years ago to a great guy with two children of his own—a son that lives in Rowlett with his wife and two children and a daughter that lives here in Denton. I enjoy traveling, spending time with family and quilting. I am looking forward to another 10 years with Leigh.

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