Elder Care Attorney Leigh Hilton of Denton
I recently started a blog on estate planning.  If you are interested in viewing it, click on https://leighhilton.wordpress.com/.  I am still amazed at all the different things that can be done on the internet.

So many things have changed in my lifetime already.  I remember when computers started being used for personal business. In the 1980’s, I was trying to teach my mother how to use a computer.  She kept wanting to know how it worked.  I told her it doesn’t matter how it works.  Just trust that it does work.  When the internet started to be used, I understood why she wanted to know how it worked.  I took a class to teach me how the internet worked.  I learned what http and www stood for and the basics of how it worked.  I realize now that all I needed to know is that it worked.

When I have grandchildren, I will be able to tell them about these changes.  Hopefully, they will be interested.

I met with a client this week who has new puzzles for me everytime we meet.  I enjoy trying to figure them out.  On page 4 of this newsletter, I have put one of these word puzzles.  If you can figure it out, I will send you a prize.  See Page 4 for details.  Thanks Bill for helping to exercise my brain.  Hopefully, it will keep me sharp.

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