Our very own Hunter Sargent recently returned from a week-long vacation—his first since joining our team at Leigh Hilton PLLC last year. And naturally, everyone here in the office has been dying to know what far off destination spot he and his lovely wife, Rachel, chose. Was it Hawaii? The Swiss Alps? Italy? A Disney cruise with their little girls?

Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic put the kibosh on any jet-setting plans. But that didn’t stop Hunter from cobbling together perhaps the most unique and family-centric staycation we’ve ever heard about.

The story starts with his cute-as-a-button 3-year-old daughter, Addie Mae. You see, Addie Mae loves the movie Trolls, a musical comedy based on all those bright-haired Trolls dolls we see on toy shelves everywhere. The original plan was to take her and their 1-year-old, Amelia, to see Trolls World Tour at the movie theater. But with everything closed down, Hunter and Rachel decided not only to stream the movie on their television but also to transform their quaint living room into Troll Village. Of course, everything was meant to be a surprise for sweet Addie Mae.

Troll party

“We set up streamers everywhere, and Rachel made colorful and bubbly decorations. Of course, we had Trolls toys everywhere,” Hunter said with a smile. “It was a big surprise, so it took us quite a few hours one night putting it all together. She wakes up the next morning, and she’s in a Trolls world. I think we watched that movie three times that day.”

He added, “It didn’t matter that we couldn’t go anywhere. Addie was happy. That’s what really matters.”

In a matter of a couple of days, Hunter pulled off an adventure that would make girl-dads from all over envious. But that wasn’t the only priceless moment. In between decorating his house and getting upbeat songs like The Other Side and Trolls Just Wanna Have Good Times stuck on a loop in his head, he also got to experience several milestones that many parents worry about missing when they are busy working.

This included witnessing Amelia’s first steps!

“That was a special moment, for sure,” Hunter said.

Troll part

Hunter capped off the rest of his free time catching up on a longer-than-usual Honey-Do list Rachel had for him. He painted their shed in the backyard, completed lots of yard work, and fixed a number of small things around the house like squeaky doors and a troublesome garage door.

Somewhere in there, he managed to get in a few hours of sleep.

“Not much, but I did get some in,” he said.

If you haven’t had a chance to spend time with Hunter at our office, you’re really missing out. Not only is he incredibly smart and intrigued with anything and everything that has to do with estate planning, but he is a wizard at finding creative ways to help clients who own businesses and need extra help protecting all of their assets.

He’s also a proud seventh-generation Dentonite. In a matter of a few seconds, he can trace his family’s deep roots as far back as the early 1900s, when the Sargent General Store was the go-to place in town for residents who needed everything from peanuts to hardware and feed.

Like we said earlier, he joined our firm last August, and he feels like he finally is where he belongs.

“It’s been great. Everyone here is fantastic to work with, and the clients are so much fun to speak to and work with,” Hunter said. “It was nice to get away for a little bit. But it’s fun being here at the office, too.”

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