Gretchen Benolken, guardianships attorneyThere are several types of Guardianships, but they all have one thing in common: an individual needs help managing all of some of their daily affairs. There are many reasons why this occurs. They may be sick or permanently disabled due to aging, physical injury or mental incapacity. They may be a minor in need of supervision and assistance.

Adult Guardianships vary according to the need of the individual who needs help and whether the need is temporary or permanent.

Establishing a Guardianship is never an easy decision, nor is the task of being a guardian to be taken lightly. Because Guardianships place limits on a person’s freedom, all other less restrictive solutions should be considered. If there are no other sufficient solutions, legal help will be necessary to establish the Guardianship or to end the Guardianship once it is established.

If you have a family member whom you feel is in need of Guardianship protection, you can find no better Legal Counsel than Gretchen A. Benolken. She will take you through the decision-making process and make sure you know Guardianship is the right choice and help you determine which type you need. From there, she will provide her experience and expertise to support you through the legal process.

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