Raccoon in SnowBefore I get into the story, can I ask you to do me a favor? If you are a client or referral source, I am doing a testimonials video and need five minutes of your time. Email me if you are willing to help me out. Thanks so much in advance.

And now on to the main attraction of this post….

Can you believe we had our 5th day off of school because of snow and ice? I have lived in Denton most of my life and have never seen four days in a row like we had week before last. The last three winters have each had more snow than I remember seeing before. Brad and Matthew are starting to think it is normal.

So do raccoons like ice and snow? The one that broke into our garage apparently didn’t. We have a magnetic cat door, so only our cat is able to get through the door using the magnet on her collar. The raccoon pried the door out of its hole to get into the garage. I went out to check on the cat and she was all puffed up in a full battle-ready position and making fight noises. I opened the garage door and the raccoon ran away. I may have to get the animal trap again. Hopefully, we are done with ice, snow, and critters for this winter.

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